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Accelerate Technical Delivery with Advanced Testing

The delaPlex testing team has comprehensive capabilities to integrate and build a robust testing framework that addresses your specific requirements and delivers quality outcomes. By employing the latest advanced automation tools, our team of experts delivers innovative, consumption-driven testing solutions, making your enterprise technology landscape future-ready. 

Automation testing services leverage specialized tools to automate the process of software and business process testing, executing pre-written test cases against applications and comparing expected outcomes with actual results. These services enhance efficiency, reduce risks, simplify processes, improve quality, and ensure comprehensive coverage.


Higher-Quality Results

Ensure high quality results and deliver operational improvements with an innovative testing model tailored to your needs.

Sustainability & Lower Costs

Shift business focus to operational change versus technical tasks with a more sustainable and lower-cost testing model.

Accelerate Time to Market

The ability to quickly set up and deploy testing accelerates development lifecycles, processes, and time-to-market.

Comprehensive Coverage

Ensure comprehensive and diverse testing with a broad range of services, including performance, functional, security, and more.

Improve User Confidence

Delivering a successful testing framework not only improves quality and timelines, but also improves user confidence and loyalty.

Innovation and Resilience

Deploying a comprehensive, modernized testing plan allows for operational resilience and prompts innovation.


We created an ideal TaaS framework that combines optimal components to deliver higher quality testing results, effectively and faster.    Measure what matters.

delaPlex TaaS

The delaPlex framework of testing capabilities allows each scenario to build the appropriate testing regime based on templates, skills and processes needed to accelerate time-to-value, reduce risk and complexity and create a sustainable on-going platform.

With three levels of service, EssentialsPlatform, and Enterprise, customers and partners can choose the right capabilities and expertise at the right time. 


Benefits of Solving the
Testing Problem

A key element of a successful testing process is building a high-quality set of test data. Typically, clients and their partners handle this task, but it often becomes a bottleneck, causing delays in System and E-2-E testing.   


To better serve our clients and partners, delaPlex offers a test data development strategy for Data Preparation, Quality, and Management upon request.  


In development and project mode improved testing can reduce the overall testing costs by as much as 50%.
In a Continuous Delivery or DevOps model, testing can be improved by as much as 80-90%.


Enterprise platform resilience in a constantly changing world is as critical as innovation is for organizations to change at pace.Full regression testing will be replaced by highly automated testing to focus on critical areas.


Systematic testing using leading tools and processes becomes a business enabler.Business focus shifts to operational change versus technical tasks and delivers a more sustainable and lower-cost testing model.


What clients say about us.

Arie Kotler,
President and CEO

GPM Investments / ARKO Corp

delaPlex has been a true partner...

The delaPlex team helped us design, build, validate, and deploy the Blue Yonder solution.

They were with us from the beginning and remain with us to help with ancillary support. delaPlex has been a true partner.

Jack Straughan,
Sr. Director of Underwriting

ADP TotalSource

This is a huge win for the department...

Thank all of you for your work and dedication here. This is a huge win for the department. Thank you so much for your support.

Hugh Massie,
Chief Executive Officer

DNA Behavior

delaPlex is an outstanding company...


delaPlex is an outstanding company that provides us with reliable service and security, which is essential for the future growth of our business. I have no hesitation in recommending delaPlex to any business.


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