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Achieve operational excellence with delaPlex, your trusted partner for cutting-edge expertise. As industry leaders, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, continuously at the forefront of the latest technologies to meet your challenges ahead.

With a deep understanding of operational complexities, we deliver unmatched services tailored to streamline and optimize your processes. At delaPlex, we don’t just keep pace with change – we drive it.


Commitment to delivering excellence and measurable value.



Drive long-term success with our full range of strategic consulting services.

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Build game-changing apps and technology with our skilled experts.

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Ensure product quality and reliability with our full range of testing services.

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Staffing Augmentation

Access top talent with the skills to enhance and support your in-house team.

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Managed Services

Optimize operations with our dedicated support and development teams.

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Strategic Guidance

Access to expert guidance and industry best practices, enabling your business to develop strategic plans and optimize operations for long-term success.

Advanced Technology

Empower your business by leveraging innovative solutions that use the latest technologies and tools that enhance efficiency, visibility, and decision-making.

Efficient Deployment

Ensure project success with implementation experts for efficient, on-time deployment, minimizing disruptions and meeting goals.

Resource Flexibility

Easily scale your workforce up or down by accessing a global source of experts with specialized skill sets without the overhead.

Specialized Skill Sets

Ensure every step of your value chain is optimized and you deliver high quality results with access to hard-to-find skill sets.

Cost Effectiveness

Ensure efficiency, scalability, and high-quality results by leveraging economies of scale and specialized expertise.

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Highly specialized resource and knowledge hubs.


What people say about us.

Arie Kotler,
President and CEO

GPM Investments / ARKO Corp

delaPlex has been a true partner...

The delaPlex team helped us design, build, validate, and deploy the Blue Yonder solution.

They were with us from the beginning and remain with us to help with ancillary support. delaPlex has been a true partner.

Jack Straughan,
Sr. Director of Underwriting

ADP TotalSource

This is a huge win for the department...

Thank all of you for your work and dedication here. This is a huge win for the department. Thank you so much for your support.

Hugh Massie,
Chief Executive Officer

DNA Behavior

delaPlex is an outstanding company...


delaPlex is an outstanding company that provides us with reliable service and security, which is essential for the future growth of our business. I have no hesitation in recommending delaPlex to any business.


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