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Designed and Built a Centralized Supply Chain Control System


delaPlex designed and built a centralized control tower, integrating various supply chain areas in real time. The results provided the client with a holistic view of their supply chain activities, real-time data-driven insights, and more efficient operations.

Client Needs

The client needed a one-stop solution to monitor and manage supply chain activities more effectively from a centralized control tower. They wanted a dashboard that could identify supply chain vulnerabilities and bottlenecks in real-time, provide automated notification alerts, enhance operational efficiency, and improve decision-making capabilities across the network.

Project Challenges

The client had disparate, diverse systems, each having a different data format and protocols. These systems needed to be integrated to ensure seamless communication and data synchronization across the network. The system needed to collect and process data when designated supply chain events occurred and, in real-time, generate a notification to alert management.

The delaPlex Solution

delaPlex designed and built a centralized control tower that seamlessly integrated various parts of the supply chain, enabled data collection and processing in real-time, and provided access to various stages of the network to monitor data.

We employed software for generating alerts and notifications to inform users about network issues and milestones. Users would have the ability to analyze data and, if necessary, take action with confidence knowing their decisions are well-informed. We ensured software quality and validation of its functions with regular quality assurance (QA) and testing.

"We are now able to help our clients identify and address bottlenecks immediately and vastly improve their operations."
Solutions System Director
Warehouse and Distribution Solutions Provider

How We Did It

delaPlex collaborated with the client taking the following phased-in approach:



About The Client

The client is an end-to-end warehousing and distribution solutions provider, offering customized supply chain solutions. With strategic locations throughout the United States, they tailor their solutions to help clients streamline operations, enhance fulfillment speed, reduce labor dependence, and improve agile operations. 

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Working with delaPlex was a game-changer. Their experienced and skilled team delivered our project on time and within budget.

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Learn how we created visibility across the supply chain network by building a dynamic centralized system, delivering real-time analytics.


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