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AI-Driven Inventory Management and Forecasting Apps


delaPlex used AI capabilities to develop two web applications used in solution offerings by Pull Logic, a leader in the retail technology industry, to manage customers sales operations effectively. Specifically, the project aimed to address lost sales by improving inventory data accuracy and providing product substitution recommendations based on customer demand forecasting

Client Needs:

Pull Logic sought a robust web application to address lost sales streaming from various factors like customer dissatisfaction, lack of product availability, inefficient sales processes, or any other factors that impede the conversion of leads or prospects into actual buyers. The goal was to empower retailers and manufacturers with accurate demand forecasting, product substitutes, and data-driven inventory replenishment recommendations. 

Project Challenges:

Ensuring performance, security, and the seamless delivery of the applications across multiple communication channels. Adopting a customer-centric approach using agile methodologies to optimize product availability and tackle challenges in the retail network. 

The delaPlex Solution

delaPlex developed two web applications integrated with AI capabilities to help Pull Logic manage sales operations effectively. The two applications are as follows:  

Smart Assist

A proprietary technology designed to address lost sales from stockouts, offering features such as:

PAR Dashboard

Product Availability Ratio” or “PAR” Dashboard with an intuitive user interface providing real-time insights with features like:

"The delaPlex team made a significant difference in our technology value chain, providing expert guidance that allowed us to adapt our product quickly and easily."

Taresh Grover, COO and Co-Founder

How We Did It

delaPlex addressed the challenges by implementing security measures, integrating AI capabilities, adopting an agile methodology, and utilizing the appropriate technology stack that includes: 


About The Client

Pull Logic, based in Atlanta, is a B2B enterprise SaaS company offering technology solutions to retailers and manufacturers. Their cutting-edge AI solutions aim to optimize inventory, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve outstanding financial results across the consumer value chain. Committed to the goal of ‘Never Lose a Sale’, Pull Logic’s is to address retail challenges through thoughtful implementations, resulting in a more responsive and resilient supply chain. 


delaPlex has been a primary technology partner with Pull Logic, delivering customized technology solutions for the retail and supply chain industry. 

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The delaPlex team made a significant difference in our technology value chain, providing expert guidance that allowed us to adapt our product quickly and easily.

Taresh Grover, COO and Co-Founder

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